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  • Shoes at Last reopens

    Shoes at Last reopens0

    Surbiton fashionistas are breathing a sigh of relief. Shoes at Last is back! The upmarket, designer-label, boutique in Maple Road, Surbiton, run by Sarah Taylor, pictured, is open for business. Sarah closed her fashion store which sells clothes, shoes and accessories, on March 21 because of the coronavirus crisis. Twelve weeks later she’s back with a one-in,

  • Good Life Gin Company markets its own hand sanitiser

    Good Life Gin Company markets its own hand sanitiser0

    Surbiton-based The Good Life Gin Company has branched out and is selling its own hand sanitisers. Made to the World Health Organisation’s recommended formula, it contains 75% alcohol and is infused with rose petals. The bottles are 50ml in size and are also fitted with an atomiser. A bottle costs £3.50 and can be ordered

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