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  • A Stick worth fetching

    A Stick worth fetching0

    On the face of it, the life story of a stick might not seem capable of translating into gripping theatre. But if you’re aged three to five, Stickman is utterly captivating and enthralling; an ideal introduction to the joys of live drama. So gripped were the (socially distanced) 250-strong crowd at Kingston’s Rose by trio

  • Becky’s stickmen on lockdown

    Becky’s stickmen on lockdown0

    Her Good Life columns observing Surbiton’s day-to-day comings and goings have won many admirers, but there’s more to Becky Mayhew’s creativity than words. As well as writing regular blogs (beckysaysthings.com), she also illustrates them with stickman drawings, and she has a stickman greeting card range. No target is safe from her commentary on life, the

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