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  • Kiosk Lament

    Kiosk Lament0

    Unloved, unnoticed, Barbie pink This pavement obelisk’s in sync With nothing… and yet here it waits: A monolith bereft of mates. Twelve years ago the kiosk came, An iPlus net phone booth, by name. It would, they said, transform our lives, The proud installers swapped high fives. Report graffiti, pay a fine, A streetlight’s out,

  • Ode to Litter

    Ode to Litter0

    As I sit here and pen this verse The streets outside are getting worse Though mainly calm, and seldom bitter, One thing gets my goat… the litter Fag ends, bottles, milk shake straws, Old cans propped up against shop doors, Save us all, Captain! My Captain! Packaging kebabs come wrapped in Napkins from the coffee

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