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  • We have to win to shut up Emma!
    We have to win to shut up Emma!0
    • 27th February 2020

    Chelsea have to win the Conti Cup this weekend to stop manager Emma Hayes wittering on about it, says the Blues captain with a grin. “It’s been our mantra for the whole year – winning the Continental Cup,” said Magda Eriksson ahead of Saturday’s final against Arsenal. “We’ve been talking about it all year! We’ve



  • Windows on the natural world
    Windows on the natural world0
    • 27th February 2020

    Louise Anderson is an artist and printmaker who is inspired by the natural world. She is continually drawn to nature where she can find stillness and peace. “Being in nature is like a meditation; time is lost, and you are able to clear your mind and wipe the slate clean,” said Anderson who studied at



  • Dennis starts storming
    Dennis starts storming0
    • 15th February 2020

    Were the organisers of Surbiton’s farmers’ market right to call off today’s event, in the face of Storm Dennis? Emphatically yes, as this picture – taken on Saturday morning – shows. One of the giant potted olive trees that guards the door of Cento Uno, right beside where Ralph Wettach’s deli stall would have stood,



  • Lend a hand before storm hits
    Lend a hand before storm hits0
    • 15th February 2020

    It’s the calm before the storm so volunteers at Queen’s Promenade are making the most of it this morning (Saturday) by putting up new tit and robin bird boxes made by Thames Ditton’s Men in Sheds project. Other tasks at the pocket park along the riverside walk – if time allows before Storm Dennis hits



  • Make a stunning mini garden
    Make a stunning mini garden0
    • 18th February 2020

    Learn how to make a stunning mini garden in a goblet or bauble. This fully-guided workshop will teach you how to make a succulent terrarium. All materials including plants and tools will be provided and at the end of the session you can take home what you make. “Terrariums are little ecosystems encapsulated in glass containers,” said



  • Chris comes into focus
    Chris comes into focus0
    • 22nd February 2020

    Surbiton photographer Chris Arthur’s exhibition of pictures which he took of actors in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s is now on display at Kingston Museum’s gallery. Opened last night by the mayor, it focuses on his work at the National Theatre, 1964-1994, images of Michael Gambon, Laurence Olivier and Maureen Lipman, who seems to


Notable Surbitonians

  • The football pioneer who coined ‘soccer’
    The football pioneer who coined ‘soccer’0
    • 28th November 2019

    Former England football captain Charles Wreford-Brown is the man credited with coining the word ‘soccer’. A centre-half for Corinthian FC – now the Corinthian-Casuals, who play at Tolworth – he lived at 1 Walpole Road, Surbiton, an imposing pile on the corner with Upper Brighton Road. Affectionately nicknamed Mr Corinthian, he was an immense character



  • Season’s greetings: ’tis germy time
    Season’s greetings: ’tis germy time0
    • 1st December 2019

    Take cover and batten down the hatches, for ’tis the season to be germy. We’re nostril deep in the perilous certainty that ‘there’s definitely something nasty going round’, and if you haven’t yet spent a week snotting into your sleeve and binge-eating Strepsils, you’re either dead or bionic. If it’s the latter, keep it quiet


Poetry Cheese

  • Wrong Number
    Wrong Number0
    • 1st August 2015

    I’ve grown to hate my landline, I dread each time it rings. It’s never Eve or Mildred… It’s people flogging things Or conmen trying to trick me, Or saying: “Your laptop’s slow” Or kidding me their survey Will improve my status quo The preference scheme is useless, It doesn’t stop the calls And if you


Surbiton Life by David Cox


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