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  • Trussed-up body discovered in Surbiton street

    Trussed-up body discovered in Surbiton street0

    They’ve yet to put up the POLICE – DO NOT CROSS tape in St James Road, but it can only be a matter of time after this sad sight was spotted on the pavement, trussed up in a binbag. Detectives will be trying to establish if the victim knew the perpetrator, and if he, or

  • Deserted Ted awaits rescue

    Deserted Ted awaits rescue1

    There are few things as sad in life as an abandoned teddy bear. This fellow – once loved, once cuddled – lies by the bins beside flats in St James’ Road, Surbiton. He’s going a bit green round the gills, his stuffing is starting to show, but he still wears the kind of fixed grin

  • Potholes that echo

    Potholes that echo0

    Surbiton’s annual competition to find the street with the worst potholes is hotting up, with three leading contenders for hole-of-the-year in one road alone. Take a bow, St James’ Road – the cabbies’ favourite rat-run, close to Surbiton station – which is now in pole position for the prize, with these cavernous cavities… some of

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