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  • International poetry reading features cornerHOUSE poet

    International poetry reading features cornerHOUSE poet0

    Poet Hilary Walker will read her poem We Are One at an international book launch tomorrow (Thursday). Hilary, who is representing the UK, was one of only six poets to be chosen to read their poems at this prestigious online Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2020 event. We Are One is about being connected together as

  • It’s showtime at the cornerHOUSE online!

    It’s showtime at the cornerHOUSE online!0

    A stunning bedroom version of the Stones’ anthem Honky Tonk Woman is one of the acts in an online variety night organised by Surbiton’s cornerHOUSE arts centre this Friday. The hour-long show, which includes recordings of poetry, comedy and stage drama, is available from 7.30pm… and it’s free. All you have to do is reserve

  • 100 words to sum up Covid-19

    100 words to sum up Covid-190

    Surbitonians were invited to sum up their coronavirus thoughts and experiences in 100 words, with the resulting scrapbook of entries being turned into an online flipbook by the web team at the cornerHOUSE arts centre in Douglas Road, Tolworth. This submission was written by Simon Hancock, summing up the contradiction of between being able to

  • Wrong Number

    Wrong Number0

    I’ve grown to hate my landline, I dread each time it rings. It’s never Eve or Mildred… It’s people flogging things Or conmen trying to trick me, Or saying: “Your laptop’s slow” Or kidding me their survey Will improve my status quo The preference scheme is useless, It doesn’t stop the calls And if you

  • The Vital Cup

    The Vital Cup0

    We clutch our coffee cups to us As if they hold our very soul, We grasp them, grip them, cling to them And cart them everywhere we stroll We sip from them, we swig from them, We carry them on bus and train, And yet when we have emptied them Our attitude is inhumane We

  • Reclaim the Streets

    Reclaim the Streets0

    It’s always so impressive when Our old town pulls together. A tribute to the volunteers (thank heavens for the weather). How lovely would be Surbiton Without the motor cars, A peaceful, tranquil throwback… or was that Life on Mars?

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